International Space Settlement Design Competition

2013 Team Registration Form

U.S. and Canadian Teams: Complete this form on the web, then sign it, print it, and FAX it to U.S. telephone number +1 (281)333-8949. Then please send a confirmation e-mail to

Other teams: Consult this table

Registration is complete only when a signed copy of this form (complete all entries in dark green) is received at the designated FAX number AND an e-mail requesting confirmation to has been both received and acknowledged.

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Sign and date this statement:

I understand that if our Team qualifies for the International Space Settlement Design Finalist Competition at Johnson Space Center for four days during 2-5 August 2013, we will be required to fund our own travel to and from Nassau Bay, Texas. I further understand that if we accept an invitation to a Regional Semi-Finalist Competition, we may be required to fund our travel to and from the Semi-Finalist Competition location. All members of our team are High School students 19 years of age or younger and not attending a full-time college curriculum as of 15 February 2013.

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