Welcome to the Twentieth Annual International Space Settlement Design Competition!

This contest puts high school students in the shoes of aerospace industry engineers designing a city in space that will be a home for over 10,000 people. Student engineers demonstrate creativity, technical competence, management skills, space environment knowledge, teamwork, and presentation techniques to conquer the problems inherent in siting and designing a Space Settlement (aka Space Colony).

Each year the Competition organizers develop a new design scenario with its own special requirements. Contest teams work together to create a 40-page report (see samples from index) that addresses the issues and communicates their ideas and designs.

The prize: Twelve finalist teams from around the world are selected to compete with a new scenario in a live Competition at NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, with real engineers sharing their knowledge and experience in both engineering and management.

Read the items in "Big Picture" on the left to learn all the details and form your own Space Settlement Design engineering team.